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Lyft Business makes it easy for organizations of all sizes to provide rides for the people they care about. Take control of your ride costs, save time with a single solution, and streamline your transportation program.

Business man leaving a convention center handing luggage to Lyft Driver who is loading her trunk with luggage.
Business man leaving a convention center handing luggage to Lyft Driver who is loading her trunk with luggage.

The Future of
Business Travel & Commute

Hear about the latest findings and insights on the future of business travel and commute featuring Forrester Consulting.

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Welcome to the Lyft Business Resource Center.
This is where we keep our webinars, ebooks, and other tools that can help you make the most of Lyft Business. Take a browse around.

Lyft Healthcare and its community partners tackle senior mobility

Learn how three organizations are using Lyft Healthcare to redesign how seniors access transportation.
Lyft Concierge admin screen showing the new tipping feature now available.

Introducing tipping for Concierge rides

Reward drivers who provide a great rider experience by turning on tipping for your Concierge programs.

Lyft Healthcare Now in 21 States, Bringing New Medicaid Transportation Option to Millions

Lyft Healthcare now provides access to Medicaid NEMT services in 21 states, covering > 62% Medicaid beneficiaries.
Lyft rider scheduling a ride on their phone

How Lee Health provided Hurricane Ian relief to employees via the Lyft Healthcare platform

In the aftermath of Hurricane Ian, Lee Health created a Lyft Pass program offering employees a reliable way to get to work, ensuring essential medical services could continue during a time of need.
Graphic of a Lyft car driving through green fields

How Lyft is helping companies reduce their carbon footprint

Achieve your sustainability goals with help from our new hybrid or electric vehicle ride options, carbon offset program, and Sustainability Insights.

New ways to manage your riders with Lyft Pass

We’re simplifying user management. Now you can search for riders, invite riders, find rider status, and remove groups of riders in seconds.

Driving Towards a More Sustainable Future

As part of our mission to help fight climate change, we’re launching a sustainability dashboard in the Lyft Business Portal. Now you can easily monitor your rideshare programs’ greenhouse gas emissions and help plan for a better future.

Lyft’s Impact on Social Drivers of Health

Lyft Healthcare works closely with Medicaid Agencies, health plans, and transportation brokers to help address inequalities in the accessibility of healthcare services.
Portrait of Jenny Clemmons with text: Meet Jenny! Head of Platform Partnerships

Member Spotlight: Jenny Clemmens

Get to know Jenny, our Head of Platform Partnerships!
Screenshot of Lyft Concierge software showing ride option selection screen

Introducing 3 new ride options

As a Concierge user, you can now offer your riders the options they want.
Man smiling leaving convention center with luggage with text: The future of business travel

The future of business travel

Dive into what the future of business travel and commuting look like in the face of changing employee needs. We uncover insights from the recent study commissioned from Forrester Consulting.
Business man leaving a convention center handing luggage to Lyft Driver who is loading her trunk with luggage.

Navigating Uncertainty: The Future of Business Travel & Commute

Hear about the latest findings and insights on the future of business travel and commute featuring Forrester Consulting. 
Woman on her way to a holiday party in the back of a Lyft ride.

Tips for bringing back the in-person party in 2022

It’s been a while since any of us attended a company holiday party, so here are a handful of tips for making sure the whole shebang goes off with, well, a bang! 
Woman enjoying her commute with a ride from Lyft.

Navigating the Evolving Workplace Strategy Landscape

Find out what we learned about the future of business travel and commute in this study we commissioned with Forrester Consulting. 
Lyft Delivery driver carrying multiple auto parts packages from their car

Unlock On-demand Auto Parts Delivery

Whether you’re selling parts or need them to service vehicles, on-demand delivery is critical to your business. Lyft Delivery is here to help.
Woman smiling looking out of a car with the window rolled down

Breaking Down Barriers to Early Breast Cancer Detection & Screening

Wheels for Women, the country's first and only free transportation program dedicated exclusively to breast cancer screenings and diagnostics, has reached the remarkable milestone of 1,000 rides with Lyft.
Computer and mobile screen with a list of Lyft car rentals

A reimagined car rental experience with Lyft Rentals

Your team can now get exclusive corporate rates on Sixt rental cars through Lyft Rentals—starting at just $32/day. And they'll get $10 in Lyft rideshare credit every time they rent with us.
Mobile screen that shows personal rewards

Lyft Business Rewards: new perks for travelers

Business travelers can now earn rewards when they take rides with their Business Profile.
Woman lyft driver sitting inside her car talking to an older lady standing outside

Unwinding of the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency is Unlikely to Impact Medicaid NEMT Utilization

Although COVID-19 may stay with us for the foreseeable future, the forthcoming end of the government’s official recognition of COVID-19 as a Public Health Emergency (PHE) will have a significant impact on the healthcare system.
Linda Jiang smiling with text Meet Linda! Head of Strategy and Government Partnerships at Lyft Business

Member Spotlight: Linda Jiang

Get to know Linda, our Head of Strategy and Government Partnerships!
James Rizzo smiling with text Meet James!

Member Spotlight: James Rizzo

Get to know James, our Product Manager!
Woman wearing an apron using Lyft rideshare to commute to her retail job

3 ways to win at retail with rideshare

The demand for employees is still at an all-time high, as labor shortages continue to impact industries across the board—especially frontline workers.
Betty Yen smiling with text Meet Betty! Head of Healthcare Partnerships at Lyft Business

Member Spotlight: Betty Yen

Get to know Betty Yen, our Head of Healthcare Partnerships!
Woman who is a Lyft driver looking to the back seat of her car with a smile on her face

Driving Better Outcomes with Lyft Healthcare

Learn how Lyft Healthcare is filling gaps in other social determinants of health, proving the role of transportation and rideshare in value-based care.
Older woman in the back seat of a car looking happy while getting a Lyft ride

Improving access to care for seniors

Learn how ChenMed partnered with Lyft to provide reliable, non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) for seniors—and how your organization can too.
Stylized screenshot of the Lyft Business Profiles website and app experience

Reliable rides for patients during COVID-19

Learn how ChenMed and Kroger Health partnered with Lyft to close transportation gaps and help patients get to their medical appointments and vaccine sites.
Screenshot of website and text messages showing multiple languages

Concierge now supports multiple languages

We want to make transportation more accessible, and we’re excited that Concierge now offers trip info in three additional languages: Spanish, French, and Portuguese. That means more Concierge riders can get their trip info in the language they prefer.
Man traveling for business entering a Lyft drivers car at the airport

4 Ways to Optimize Safety with Business Travel

A business traveler’s itinerary can get jam-packed fast. There are client meetings. Working lunches. Training sessions. Woof.
Woman standing over Lyft bike wearing jean jumper that says No Bad Days

How to help your company encourage sustainability

Now more than ever, employees are concerned about the environmental impact of the companies they work for
Stylish man happily looking out the car window wearing a covid mask while using Lyft to commute

How to take the stress out of employee commutes

It goes without saying: the pandemic has brought unprecedented uncertainty to anyone that used to commute to their workplace.
Person holding a bright smiling sun balloon while waiting for their Lyft Ride on a city street

One program every company should have before returning to work

More than a year into the pandemic and after vaccinations, the trade-offs of a completely remote culture are clearly surfacing.
Two mechanics working on a car in a dealership service center

Taking on the loaner shortage with rideshares

Nationwide, auto dealerships face a decision when it comes to their loaner cars. The new and used vehicle shortage has dealerships deciding whether to keep their loaner fleet, or take advantage of rising used car prices and sell them.
Stylish young woman in colorful outfit entering the backseat of her Lyft Ride

How commute benefits help recruiters attract new talent

Hiring has been difficult for many businesses since the pandemic began. And for the last year-plus, companies have had to find unique ways to attract and retain employees.
Stylized screenshot of the Lyft Business Profiles website and app experience

The new Business Profiles experience

Ready for a return to business travel? We’re excited to introduce a smoother experience for our customers. As you prepare for getting travelers back on the road (sooner or later), we’ve revamped Business Profiles for your company’s travel needs.
Screenshot of the Lyft Business Profiles website showing data insights

Introducing Insights

We want to make analyzing your transportation data easier on you. That’s why we’re introducing Insights: a brand new dashboard within the Lyft Business Portal that allows you to monitor data about your transportation programs.
Woman dressed up for New Years celebration in her Lyft ride with a disco ball seatbelted next to her

A Charitable Start to the New Year

At the end of 2021, we asked Lyft partners to share their holiday wishes for the new year. The responses we received were then entered into a drawing to win a $2,000 donation, made in the wish maker’s name.
A Lyft driver and passenger both happily wearing Covid masks

Safety's first. Always.

We know how important safety is to your organization. In our eBook, you’ll learn about our Health Safety Program and what we do to prioritize every rider and driver’s well-being.
Individual holding shopping bags getting into a Lyft ride.

6 Reasons to Create a Commute Program Before Returning to Work

Commute benefits can help you improve the employee experience, increase retention, and elevate recruiting.
Older woman happily looking out of a car window, wearing a covid mask during her Lyft ride

Riding toward healthy

We’re an industry leader in NEMT transportation and additional types of patient rides. This eBook will show you how we build safety and compliance into our healthcare programs.
A car dealer service representative speaking to a customer in the service center

A game-changer for dealerships

Lyft can help auto dealerships elevate their customer service — and scale up their courtesy rides and deliveries. Check out our webinar to learn more.
Team member whose company uses Lyfts travel program packing a suitcase in their home

Onboarding your business travelers

Want to make sure your team members use the travel program you set up? Our webinar walks you through the best ways to get them on board.
Woman wearing Covid mask entering the back seat of a Lyft ride after a health care appointment

Better patient outcomes with Lyft

Discover how Allscripts, Ascension, Sutter Health, and Lyft have teamed up to minimize missed appointments, lower costs, and improve patient satisfaction.
Text: API Implementation Guide

The ABCs of Lyft’s API

In our guidebook, you can learn how to implement Lyft’s API to improve pickups, reduce costs, get support — and more.
Animation of white Lyft car appearing on the street from Lyft's concierge program

Your Lyft Concierge toolkit

Setting up a Lyft Concierge program is simple. Our webinar provides step-by-step guidance on getting started and making the most of it.
Two car dealership mechanics working on car under the hood

Win Back Service Revenue with Flexible Transportation

Due to low inventory, dealerships are selling their loaner fleet to take advantage of rising car prices. But, without loaner vehicles, providing service customers with alternative transportation can be challenging.
Woman with headphones around her neck, on her phone, sitting in the back of a Lyft ride.

Say Hello to Lyft Pass

Learn how to create custom transportation programs and cover rides for your people, while staying in control of budget and usage.
Woman at a car dealership holding her phone

Webinar for Auto Dealerships

Learn how to elevate your customer experience with Lyft
Nurse helping a man in a wheelchair get in a Lyft ride

How Rideshare Can Reduce Transportation Barriers to Care

Every year, almost 3.6 million Americans miss a medical appointment because they lack access to reliable transportation.

Let's design your transportation solution

Illustration of a black car used for Lyft service