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Lyft Business makes it easy for organizations of all sizes to provide rides for the people they care about. Take control of your ride costs, save time with a single solution, and streamline your transportation program.

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Business man leaving a convention center handing luggage to Lyft Driver who is loading her trunk with luggage.

Navigating Uncertainty: The Future of Business Travel & Commute

Hear about the latest findings and insights on the future of business travel and commute featuring Forrester Consulting. 
Lyft Delivery driver carrying multiple auto parts packages from their car

Unlock On-demand Auto Parts Delivery

Whether you’re selling parts or need them to service vehicles, on-demand delivery is critical to your business. Lyft Delivery is here to help.
Woman who is a Lyft driver looking to the back seat of her car with a smile on her face

Driving Better Outcomes with Lyft Healthcare

Learn how Lyft Healthcare is filling gaps in other social determinants of health, proving the role of transportation and rideshare in value-based care.
Older woman in the back seat of a car looking happy while getting a Lyft ride

Improving access to care for seniors

Learn how ChenMed partnered with Lyft to provide reliable, non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) for seniors—and how your organization can too.
A car dealer service representative speaking to a customer in the service center

A game-changer for dealerships

Lyft can help auto dealerships elevate their customer service — and scale up their courtesy rides and deliveries. Check out our webinar to learn more.
Team member whose company uses Lyfts travel program packing a suitcase in their home

Onboarding your business travelers

Want to make sure your team members use the travel program you set up? Our webinar walks you through the best ways to get them on board.
Woman wearing Covid mask entering the back seat of a Lyft ride after a health care appointment

Better patient outcomes with Lyft

Discover how Allscripts, Ascension, Sutter Health, and Lyft have teamed up to minimize missed appointments, lower costs, and improve patient satisfaction.
Animation of white Lyft car appearing on the street from Lyft's concierge program

Your Lyft Concierge toolkit

Setting up a Lyft Concierge program is simple. Our webinar provides step-by-step guidance on getting started and making the most of it.
Two car dealership mechanics working on car under the hood

Win Back Service Revenue with Flexible Transportation

Due to low inventory, dealerships are selling their loaner fleet to take advantage of rising car prices. But, without loaner vehicles, providing service customers with alternative transportation can be challenging.
Woman with headphones around her neck, on her phone, sitting in the back of a Lyft ride.

Say Hello to Lyft Pass

Learn how to create custom transportation programs and cover rides for your people, while staying in control of budget and usage.
Woman at a car dealership holding her phone

Webinar for Auto Dealerships

Learn how to elevate your customer experience with Lyft
Nurse helping a man in a wheelchair get in a Lyft ride

How Rideshare Can Reduce Transportation Barriers to Care

Every year, almost 3.6 million Americans miss a medical appointment because they lack access to reliable transportation.

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Illustration of a black car used for Lyft service