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Better patient outcomes with Lyft


Illustration of car with Text: How Rideshare Can Improve Access to Health

Improving access to care

Every year, millions of Americans miss medical appointments because they lack a reliable way to get to them. Non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) can be a great help to those in need of a ride — but NEMT comes with a great many challenges. In most cases, rides need to be scheduled far in advance and have high wait times, both of which can cause patients to skip their ride. Moreover, organizations often lack visibility into the level of transportation support patients are receiving. This talk highlights how leaders at Ascension, Sutter Health, and Allscripts are building better transportation programs with Lyft to minimize missed appointments, lower costs, and improve patient satisfaction. They discuss how Lyft meets their requirements for safety, convenience, confidentiality, and market flexibility, and how getting to and from appointments impacts the way patients feel about the care they receive.


Your Lyft Concierge toolkit

Setting up a Lyft Concierge program is simple. Our webinar provides step-by-step guidance on getting started and making the most of it.

Riding toward healthy

We’re an industry leader in NEMT transportation and additional types of patient rides. This eBook will show you how we build safety and compliance into our healthcare programs.
Better patient outcomes with Lyft
Discover how Allscripts, Ascension, Sutter Health, and Lyft have teamed up to minimize missed appointments, lower costs, and improve patient satisfaction.