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Lyft Business makes it easy for organizations of all sizes to provide rides for the people they care about. Take control of your ride costs, save time with a single solution, and streamline your transportation program.

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Product Updates

Graphic of a Lyft car driving through green fields

How Lyft is helping companies reduce their carbon footprint

Achieve your sustainability goals with help from our new hybrid or electric vehicle ride options, carbon offset program, and Sustainability Insights.

New ways to manage your riders with Lyft Pass

We’re simplifying user management. Now you can search for riders, invite riders, find rider status, and remove groups of riders in seconds.

Driving Towards a More Sustainable Future

As part of our mission to help fight climate change, we’re launching a sustainability dashboard in the Lyft Business Portal. Now you can easily monitor your rideshare programs’ greenhouse gas emissions and help plan for a better future.
Screenshot of Lyft Concierge software showing ride option selection screen

Introducing 3 new ride options

As a Concierge user, you can now offer your riders the options they want.
Computer and mobile screen with a list of Lyft car rentals

A reimagined car rental experience with Lyft Rentals

Your team can now get exclusive corporate rates on Sixt rental cars through Lyft Rentals—starting at just $32/day. And they'll get $10 in Lyft rideshare credit every time they rent with us.
Mobile screen that shows personal rewards

Lyft Business Rewards: new perks for travelers

Business travelers can now earn rewards when they take rides with their Business Profile.
Screenshot of website and text messages showing multiple languages

Concierge now supports multiple languages

We want to make transportation more accessible, and we’re excited that Concierge now offers trip info in three additional languages: Spanish, French, and Portuguese. That means more Concierge riders can get their trip info in the language they prefer.
Stylized screenshot of the Lyft Business Profiles website and app experience

The new Business Profiles experience

Ready for a return to business travel? We’re excited to introduce a smoother experience for our customers. As you prepare for getting travelers back on the road (sooner or later), we’ve revamped Business Profiles for your company’s travel needs.
Screenshot of the Lyft Business Profiles website showing data insights

Introducing Insights

We want to make analyzing your transportation data easier on you. That’s why we’re introducing Insights: a brand new dashboard within the Lyft Business Portal that allows you to monitor data about your transportation programs.

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