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Driving Better Outcomes with Lyft Healthcare

Healthcare Executive Keynote

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Driving Better Outcomes with Lyft Healthcare

Every year, 6 million Americans struggle to access healthcare because they lack reliable transportation. Lyft wants to help change that. 

Tune in to Head of Lyft Healthcare Buck Poropatich’s keynote speech at this year’s Social Determinants of Health Virtual Summit. He’ll speak about driving the effort to make healthcare more accessible by leveraging rideshare to close transportation gaps.

In this keynote, learn how Lyft Healthcare:

-Expands impact by partnering with value-based care organizations

-Aims to solve for accessibility and convenience with rideshare 

-Drives access and innovation at scale in Medicaid and Medicare Advantage NEMT 

Driving Better Outcomes with Lyft Healthcare
Learn how Lyft Healthcare is filling gaps in other social determinants of health, proving the role of transportation and rideshare in value-based care.