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Concierge now supports multiple languages

Send trip info in Spanish, French, and Portuguese.

Screenshot of website and text messages showing multiple languages

Concierge now supports multiple languages

We want to make transportation more accessible, and we’re excited that Concierge now offers trip info in three additional languages: Spanish, French, and Portuguese.

That means more Concierge riders can get their trip info in the language they prefer. 

How does it work?

Select the preferred language. In Concierge, select your rider’s preferred language when you enter their details.

Let Lyft do the rest. We’ll communicate the trip info via SMS text messages or automated calls to the rider in the language selected.

The trip info will be translated. The rider will not be matched with a driver who speaks their preferred language.

Ready to try it out?

When you enter rider details, you’ll see a dropdown for the rider’s preferred language. You can select Spanish, French, or Portuguese. Then, any texts or automated phone calls the rider receives from Lyft will be in the selected language.

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This feature is also available via Concierge API. See details here