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Navigating the Evolving Workplace Strategy Landscape

The Future Of Business Travel And Employee Commute Programs

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As organizations settle into a “new normal,” many are still struggling to set long-term workplace strategies, including policies related to employee transportation. Remote and hybrid working models are more common than ever, leading to new challenges when it comes to maintaining employee satisfaction and company culture. 
What does this mean for the future of employee transportation, especially business travel and commuting? We commissioned this study with Forrester Consulting to find out. Forrester conducted an online survey with over 200 business travel and employee benefits decision-makers at North American enterprises. 


Download the report to learn: 

  • How organizations view the future of business travel and commute
  • How leaders are adapting their workplace strategies to changes in employee and customer needs
  • Recommendations for optimizing business travel and commute programs in the current landscape

Navigating the Evolving Workplace Strategy Landscape
Find out what we learned about the future of business travel and commute in this study commissioned from Forrester.