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Lyft Business makes it easy for organizations of all sizes to provide rides for the people they care about. Take control of your ride costs, save time with a single solution, and streamline your transportation program.

Improving access to care for seniors

Healthcare Webinar

Older woman in the back seat of a car looking happy while getting a Lyft ride

Improving access to care for seniors

ChenMed, a leading primary care provider, focuses on providing affordable, accessible care to seniors. ChenMed turned to Lyft to transform their patients’ transportation experience with reliable, non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT). 

In this webinar, learn how ChenMed’s transportation program:

- Significantly reduces patient appointment no-show rates
- Helps improve their industry-leading patient satisfaction scores
- Enhances the patient experience

Improving access to care for seniors
Learn how ChenMed partnered with Lyft to provide reliable, non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) for seniors—and how your organization can too.