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Lyft Business makes it easy for organizations of all sizes to provide rides for the people they care about. Take control of your ride costs, save time with a single solution, and streamline your transportation program.

A game-changer for dealerships

Webinar for Auto Dealerships

A car dealer service representative speaking to a customer in the service center with text: Elevate your customer experience with Lyft

Elevate your customer experience with Lyft

Many dealerships partner with Lyft to provide courtesy transportation for customers. Watch our on-demand webinar to learn how Lyft can delight your customers during their service repair. Lyft is readily available for customer pick-up and drop-off, getting your customers where they need to go without any hassle or wait. We offer a variety of solutions to best meet your needs, whether you need to get a ride for a customer right away, want something flexible, or need to set budget restrictions on rides. - Improve customer satisfaction Provide on-demand rides in minutes. - Increase revenue Improve your throughput and service more customers. - Save money by eliminating liability Lower costs by eliminating all shuttle-related fees, including insurance and maintenance. - Streamline your workflows Spend less time on software and more on customers, leveraging Lyft’s integration with leading automotive software like CDK, RedCap, and Xtime.


Safety's first. Always.

We know how important safety is to your organization. In our eBook, you’ll learn about our Health Safety Program and what we do to prioritize every rider and driver’s well-being.

Riding toward healthy

We’re an industry leader in NEMT transportation and additional types of patient rides. This eBook will show you how we build safety and compliance into our healthcare programs.
A game-changer for dealerships
Lyft can help auto dealerships elevate their customer service — and scale up their courtesy rides and deliveries. Check out our webinar to learn more.