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Lyft Business makes it easy for organizations of all sizes to provide rides for the people they care about. Take control of your ride costs, save time with a single solution, and streamline your transportation program.

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Lyft Delivery driver carrying multiple auto parts packages from their car

Unlock On-demand Auto Parts Delivery

Whether you’re selling parts or need them to service vehicles, on-demand delivery is critical to your business. Lyft Delivery is here to help.
Woman wearing Covid mask entering the back seat of a Lyft ride after a health care appointment

Better patient outcomes with Lyft

Discover how Allscripts, Ascension, Sutter Health, and Lyft have teamed up to minimize missed appointments, lower costs, and improve patient satisfaction.
Animation of white Lyft car appearing on the street from Lyft's concierge program

Your Lyft Concierge toolkit

Setting up a Lyft Concierge program is simple. Our webinar provides step-by-step guidance on getting started and making the most of it.
Woman at a car dealership holding her phone

Webinar for Auto Dealerships

Learn how to elevate your customer experience with Lyft

Let's design your transportation solution

Illustration of a black car used for Lyft service