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Unwinding of the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency is Unlikely to Impact Medicaid NEMT Utilization

Although COVID-19 may stay with us for the foreseeable future, the forthcoming end of the government’s official recognition of COVID-19 as a Public Health Emergency (PHE) will have a significant impact on the healthcare system. Read more
Linda Jiang smiling with text Meet Linda! Head of Strategy and Government Partnerships at Lyft Business

Member Spotlight: Linda Jiang

Get to know Linda, our Head of Strategy and Government Partnerships! Read more
James Rizzo smiling with text Meet James!

Member Spotlight: James Rizzo

Get to know James, our Product Manager! Read more

Lyft Rentals is now available through Lyft Business. Get exclusive rates on all car rentals (coverage included).

Woman wearing an apron using Lyft rideshare to commute to her retail job

3 ways to win at retail with rideshare

The demand for employees is still at an all-time high, as labor shortages continue to impact industries across the board—especially frontline workers. Read Article
Betty Yen smiling with text Meet Betty! Head of Healthcare Partnerships at Lyft Business

Member Spotlight: Betty Yen

Get to know Betty Yen, our Head of Healthcare Partnerships! Read Article
Man traveling for business entering a Lyft drivers car at the airport

4 Ways to Optimize Safety with Business Travel

A business traveler’s itinerary can get jam-packed fast. There are client meetings. Working lunches. Training sessions. Woof. Read Article

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